Andy Rivera’s message on Twitter that they say is for Lina

For a trill published by the reggaeton player Andy Rivera on Twitterhis followers do not stop giving him advice on love and telling him to go back to Lina.

When they were together, Lina Tejeiro and Andy Rivera were the couple of the moment; their breakup was so sudden and caught us so by surprise that many people think that they are still together but secretly. And it is that, apparently, the relationship of these public figures could be described as toxic, since they say that they spend it finishing and coming back, although they are not officially together.

What did Andy Rivera say on Twitter?

The interpreter of What’s wrong with my ex?wrote a trill that left more than one thinking that it was a hint to his ex-girlfriend, the actress Lina Tejeiro.

“I always write to you but then I delete it at the end… ✍🏻”


His fans immediately began to write comments alluding to his relationship with Lina and even gave him some advice. However, many would simply tell him to send her the message once and for all and for him to get back to her.

“Someone who, for the love of Jesus Christ, tags Lina Tejeiro, I would do it myself, but he has me blocked :/”


«Don’t be afraid, write to her and talk, because you have to say many things to each other if you really want her, fight for that love, don’t be afraid @Lina_Tejeiro @AndyRivera_»


«They are a very nice couple @AndyRivera and @Lina_Tejeiro come back.»


Send the message to Tejeiro


Tell us, Do you think it is a hint to Lina or are they pure exaggeration? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!

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