Andy Rivera and Lina Tejeiro together again? There are photos that would prove it

After analyzing their respective social networks, Internet users say that Andy Rivera and Lina Tejeiro are together again.

Since Andy Rivera and Lina Tejeiro finished their relationship, a part of their fans refuse to accept it and bring them back together again and again, like when they supposedly had the same puppy in their arms, remember?

Another reason why fans of the couple believe that they have never completely left each other is because both have remained single (except for the flash relationship Lina had with businessman Norman Capuozzo). In addition, in 2021 the actress’s mother herself spoke of reconciliation.

Are Andy Rivera and Lina Tejeiro together in Miami?

Well, new evidence appeared that they would indeed have returned and in the Instagram accounts of each one, where everyone can see them. turns out Andy is in Miami at the launch of the theme My whole world and, coincidentally, Lina is also in those parts.

Some would say that it is simply a coincidence, however, some details of the plain’s room caught the attention of Internet users. When Lina did a beauty routine from her hotel room, some followers noticed that in the closet there were sneakers and men’s caps.

Without wasting time they went to Andy’s profile and oh surprise! they found photos in which the reggaeton player comes out wearing the same tennis shoes and the same cap. We share the images so you can draw your own conclusions.

What do you think? Could it be that Andy and Lina did get back together or is it just a coincidence? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!

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