Andrés Cepeda makes us fall in love with ‘What I had forgotten’

‘What I had forgotten’ it is the new song with which Andrés Cepeda makes us fall in love and it is that he does know how to make our hearts vibrate.

The Bogota singer on this occasion npresents you a beautiful ballad that invites us not to let love die despite time that we take with the indicated person.

this song definitely It is a dedication to the love story that Andrés Cepeda has been living for a long time with his wife Elisa Restrepo.inspiration for this powerful ballad.

Knowing how to love is like riding a bicycle, even if you stop doing it, you never forget. This is what this song is about: what I felt when I met Elisa, our relationship and our history. Sometimes we forget how to fall in love, what the day-to-day of a courtship is like, but once the right person comes into our lives, we realize that these things are never forgotten and this new love motivates us to do what we haven’t done for a long time. …

Andrés Cepeda on the reasons that made him compose this song.

Andrés Cepeda makes us fall in love with his new song

In the company of A.ndrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo, producers of his album ‘Thirteen’was that Cepeda composed and produced ‘What I had forgotten’.

Also, the video it was carried out precisely by Andrés and Elisathe couple in which his song is inspired.

Andrés is currently preparing his new production and as he himself shared on his networks, we will soon have more new music.

What was the last song dedicated to you by Andrés Cepeda? We fall in love with each of them, that’s why we want you to share that song with us in the comments.