Andreina Fiallo was not the only one who suffered because of Sara Uribe

In April of this year it became known that Andreina Fiallo is not the only one who has suffered for the love of Fredy Guarín. Iveth also suffered for Guarín and apparently has not gotten over it.

At the beginning of the year, in the La Red program, the relationship between Iveth Ardila and Fredy Guarín was revealed. She told that Before Sara Uribe arrived in China, she was living in his apartment.

Apparently Iveth is not happy with Sara Uribe’s pregnancy. She posted a story on Instagram a few days ago in which she says: “While some show perfect love and happiness, inside they are destroyed and settling for anything. You have to have a brain to make decisions and choose your real complement, not ‘happiness’ or convenience at the moment”.

But that’s not all, according to the magazine TV and novelsNow Iveth has a relationship with Don Mario’s son, Sara Uribe’s ex-boyfriend. Apparently the two of them consoled each other after breaking up with their exes.

It seems that these two friends ended up being enemies. Do you think Iveth got involved with Sara Uribe’s ex-boyfriend out of revenge? Tell us your opinion and share it on social networks.