Andrea Valdiri’s hairstyle to Yina Calderón «for messing with her people»

With rolled up sleeves and everything! We were all stunned by the tremendous Andrea Valdiri’s hairstyle for Yina Calderón for criticizing the work of his plastic surgeon.

So much Andrea Valdiri as Yina Calderon are a couple of Colombian influencers who are very often in the headlines of entertainment news, either because of their own personal issues, such as the paternity of the Barranquilla’s second daughter, or the problems of the former soap opera protagonist with the alcohol.

Another issue with which both have caused a stir is their respective plastic surgeries and precisely on this issue was that the Valdiri stopped Yina in her tracks.after she allegedly commented on her social networks about the work of her plastic surgeon, Dr. Javier Soto, saying that it made her fat.

Later, Yina would have tried to explain her words…

This was the hairstyle of Andrea Valdiri to Yina Calderón

The dancer shared a series of videos in her Instagram stories in which she sang the tabla to Yina Calderón, even tagging her, in order to get her started, according to her own words. She told him that she didn’t understand why she had to make mean comments about other people’s work, and she reminded him that she had surgery after having a baby.

“This time I am not going to defend myself, I am going to defend my surgeon, Javier Soto, and why do I say it? Because an influencer came out here in Colombia to talk about my surgeon and my physical appearance, which I am not going to to allow

Brutality, girl, is that you qualify the work of a surgeon when you are only seeing a single process.

Mommy, I have two daughters, my love, you haven’t been through any of them. When you deform your body at the point of love, what it is to have children, that day you and I talked about…

When you have social networks, mommy, use them for good, not to destroy. How about me with a product of your company and speak badly?

Take your tongue and put it deep in your body and tell your mother, who asks for respect on social networks, that her daughter has to respect her first.

You don’t need a psychologist, you need a psychiatrist.”

Andrea said, among other things.

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