Andrea Valdiri reconciled with her sister Shujam after two

Surprisingly, Andrea Valdiri reconciled with her sister Shujam after two years of starring in a strong fight.

At the end of April 2020, various photographs, audios and videos began to circulate on social networks that reported a violent fight starring none other than the well-known Barranquilla influencer Andrea Valdiri and her sister Shujam Valdiri, since both had left. to beatings outside his mother’s house.

After the dissemination of these images and the subsequent appearance of the businesswoman in a clinic in ‘La Arenosa’, hundreds of Internet users began to speculate about what could have happened. Some suggested that the problem would have been caused by a man, while others claimed that it was actually due to a series of messages that they would have exchanged via WhastaApp.

Faced with such comments and the concern of her followers about her health, the influencer decided to tell everyone what had actually happened through her older sister Fairuz Valdiri, who not only explained the reasons why the fight had originated but also gave his admirers a part of tranquility.

Andrea Valdiri reconciled with her sister Shujam after two years of strong fight

In short videos shared in Instagram stories, the sister of the well-known figure said that the problem had started due to some WhatsApp messages that triggered a strong disturbance in Shujam. Faced with this, the Valdiri’s mother immediately contacted Andrea so that she would be present at the scene and calm down the situation… But everything was much worse!

According to Fairuz, at the time of the dancer’s arrival at her maternal home, her sister was waiting for her outside with a knife in her hand, so after the violent episode, Andrea was injured and had to be sent to a center of medical care.

Since that bad moment, the sisters cut off all communication and remained completely away for almost two years, however, the influencer apparently did not want to continue like this, so she decided to contact Shujam, smooth things over and start the year on the right foot reconciling with her sister… And so it was!

I’m nervous… I haven’t seen my sister for two years And those are one of the things I want to change. I love her and she is my blood, I am very nervous, but the most beautiful thing of all is to see her again… I miss you Shujam

Well, in the last few hours, the Barranquilla woman showed through stories how between nerves and tears she received her sister in her luxurious home and in a moving hug they were once again the same old sisters.

This was the emotional moment: