Andrea Valdiri gave her daughter a birthday trip, and her friends!

Andrea Valdiri gave her daughter a birthday trip with a charter flight to the Coffee Region, entrance to the park and a tremendous gift for the girl’s friends.

Isabella is the eldest daughter of Andrea Valdiri and for her 11th birthday, the influencer decided to take the house out the window with a private trip to the Coffee Park in the Coffee Region, but what surprised her followers is that it was not a family outing, but the little girl went with her best friends.

Andrea Valdiri gave her daughter a birthday trip and with a tremendous reminder for the invited friends

Through the stories of her official Instagram account, the woman from Barranquilla shared some of the most unforgettable moments of Isabela’s 11th birthday, such as the congratulations on the charter, the arrival at the park, the different attractions and the 6-story cake.

But one of the things that caught the most attention was the reminder of the party that Isa gave to each of her friends, nothing more and nothing less than an Ipad.

“She is happy to share with her friends and give her friends something that suddenly they don’t have and this time she told me ‘mom, I want you to take my best friends and take them on a trip’.”

Said Andrea in the clip, who recently surprised with the loud voice she has when singing Ana Gabriel’s song.

Let’s remember that in 2021 Andrea also threw Isa a tremendous birthday party with a spa for girls.

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