Anahí melts her followers with a photo of her son

The singer and actress shared a beautiful photo of her son with a message and all her followers lost their heads with the beauty and tenderness of the little boy and his mom.

This is how the singer said good morning to her more than eight million followers in Instagram. The truth is that never before the publications of Anahí they were so tender and since she is a mother, the photos of her son Manuel and Emiliano, 4 and 1 years old respectively, steal everyone’s hearts.

Next to the image you can read an adorable comment: “YOU!!! My infinite inspiration.” Referring to the eldest of his sons. In the tender image, mother and son can be seen between caresses and love…

Also vibrates with:

Anahí added a large red heart, which made the photo even more tender. The post immediately generated a lot of likes and so far it has accumulated more than 390,000 likes on the social network.

The small Manuel celebrated four years last June 17, and every day he is bigger and his cheeks can confirm it. The baby of the singer who only posed with a white diaper bag received many compliments, especially his big and beautiful blue eyes that are always the center of attention.

«My God, how beautiful it has become, that you enjoy it very much, lots of kisses.»

«This baby on the cover of magazines is beautiful.»

«Beautiful… what big eyes.»

Some of his followers commented on Instagram.

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