Ana Lucía Domínguez published photos of her casting for Pasión de Gavilanes

For those who follow the novel Passion of Hawks It is no secret that it was a production full of beautiful women and these photos of Ana Lucía Domínguez for her casting prove it.

The beautiful Bogota actress who at that time shared a set with Danna García, Paola Rey, Natasha Klaus and Zharick León was just as important in the development of the novel.

The photographs that Ana Lucía Domínguez shared on her Instagram account were the same ones that she sent to the novel’s producer to present her casting.

There is no doubt that the photographs he took from the trunk of memories are very beautiful, perhaps that is why he ended up playing the characters of Libya Kings, younger sister of the Kings already Ruth Uribethe daughter of Eve.

The photos of Ana Lucía Domínguez for the casting of Pasión de Gavilanes

Speaking of #pasiondegavilanes these were the photos I sent to @hugoleonferrer producer of this great story, so that they will call me to do the casting to interpret #libia and #ruth

Text with which the actress Ana Lucía Domínguez accompanied her photos

Ana Lucía shares on her networks exercise routines, makeup tips and photographs full of sensuality, such as the one in which she appears without clothes.

Passion of Gavilanes is currently the novel that owns the Rating in Colombia since Canal Caracol began broadcasting it.

The novel has even been a trend on social networks due to the scenes and characters that were part of this story.

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