Ampoules for hair, start using them!

Many are available on the market hair ampoules, but few of us know what they are for. Here we explain its benefits.

Hair is one of the parts of the body that we girls take care of the most, because although it seems that «it stays alone», requires a lot of dedication and attention to keep it healthy and pretty. The ampoules for hair They will help us in a fascinating way.

That is why experts recommend various home treatments for damaged hair, which help nourish, hydrate and repair it; however, there are others prepared and ready for uselike the bulbs.

What are hair ampoules and how are they applied?

Blisters or capillary ampoules are treatments that are created with the aim of repairing it. Regardless of the type of damage, the ampoules stimulate the generation of folic acid, which is responsible for hair health.

However, many of us do not know them and we ignore its multiple benefits. It is a product that generally comes in glass vials, which are (safely) broken for use. Although they seem small, the truth is that the hair nutrients they contain they come very concentratedthe exact portion that your hair needs, depending on the type of ampoule you are applying.

What are the ampoules in the hair for?

You must bear in mind that there are several varieties of this product, and each one is applied differently.

  • For hair loss: They should be applied directly to the scalp.
  • Hair hydration ampoule: On the contrary, these should be applied from means to ends.
  • Against split ends: If you have hair clips and you don’t want to cut them, there are homemade tricks you can try, although there are vials on the market for that; You should only apply them to the ends and their effect is usually temporary.
  • For colored hair: You must review the instructions very well and follow the step by step to the letter, otherwise, you could damage your color.
  • Ampoules for damaged hair: Some of these vials must be used hot, as their effect is thermal. They are generally used after passing them through a water bath. Follow the prompts.

Thermoactive ampoule for hair

These types of products act with heat, so you must use the dryer or iron to activate their active ingredients; They offer a variety of hair solutions, such as for damaged hair, brittle, without volume, etc.

Botox ampoules for hair

It is a treatment based on natural ingredients, which hydrates, nourishes and gives shine to the hair, avoiding frizz. Despite its name, it has nothing to do with that famous anti-wrinkle procedure, and therefore does not require injections.

Hyaluronic acid ampoule for hair

Helps hydrate, restructure and repair hair, sealing the cuticle and providing a hair-filling effect that captures moisture within each hair strand.

Biotin ampoules for hair

All hair vitamins, among which we find Canthaxanthin and Vitamin E, biotin is perhaps the best known; Although it is generally consumed in the form of capsules, you can also find it in vials for its application.

What is the best ampoule for hair?

Depending on the type of hair you have and the needs you have, you must choose the ampoule that suits you best. Take into account the compositions of each one since many times their compounds can generate adverse effects.

How is a blister applied to the hair?

Wash your hair as you normally would and wrap it in a towel. In a plastic container, mix warm water little by little with half of the bottle (or all of it, if your hair is very long) until you get a creamy texture.

After detangling, apply the mixture to damp hair with a dye brush, avoiding reaching the roots so as not to grease them. Let it act for 20 minutes. Rinse and comb. If the ampoules are oil-based, it is advisable to apply them dry.

If it’s about scalp ampoules, you must apply them directly on it without doing any previous mixing. In any case, follow the instructions for use that come on the package.

Have you used the hair ampoules? Which ones would you recommend? Leave your answers in the comments of the note and do not forget to share it in your networks. It will be very helpful for your friends who are fanatical about taking care of their hair.