Amparo Grisales’s age is mocked in My Name Is

My name is a program that is gaining more and more strength and that is why the followers do not forgive anything and especially what the Colombian diva does, in this case the age of Amparo Grisales was a source of ridicule.

It is clear that the viewers do not forgive anything and this time the diva’s age was mocked. It happened in one of this week’s episodes, the Alci Acosta impersonator showed up and after some comments they had the real Alci Acosta as a visit. Which went on stage.

At the time of the comments, Amparo did not hesitate to assure the following: “Master, it is an honor to have you here, my eyes really fill with tears, you are an institution and you remind us of many times. To me, my dad and my mom who listened to you all the time, so it’s an honor.»

What the actress and jury said can be seen in the following video:

The comment generated several jokes and laughs from viewers, especially referring to Amparo’s age, as many did not hesitate to ensure that it was not her parents, but her, who listened to it a few years ago.

However, it is worth mentioning that Alci is 80 years old, while Amparo is 62, so her statement is not unreasonable.

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Information from: Metro