Amparo Grisales was furious because they called her «grandmother»

Amparo Grisales could not bear the comment of one of her followers and decided to respond forcefully.

The jury of «My name is» has been very active on social networks giving their opinion on the demonstrations that have been taking place in Colombia since last November 21. She this time she gave something to talk about again for a comment she made on her Twitter where she assured “Did you know that hitting pots and pans is energetically a bad vibration?… It is decreeing hunger and misery to the Universe!!!”.

What did not please one of his followers, who replied to the tweet and told him “Grandma, take care!!!”. Immediately, Amparo responded forcefully and a little annoyed «I don’t have grandchildren so I’m not a grandmother!!! (…) I hope you reach my 125 years with my wisdom and my beauty… spiritual!!! (…) Gentuza never evolves!!!”.

Grandma, take care!!!!

– Felipe Castro #PetroPresident (@casaco317) December 1, 2019

I don’t have grandchildren so I’m not a grandmother!!
I am an evolved person and I hope you reach my 125 years with my wisdom and my beauty…. spiritual!!
I doubt it!!
Gentuza never evolves!!

– Amparo Grisales (@Amparo_Grisales) December 1, 2019

In response, many applauded that the Colombian Diva defended herself from criticism, while others asked her to better ignore the negative comments.

How about the way Amparo Grisales responded to her follower?

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