Amparo Grisales starred in a hot photo session in a bikini

Despite her age, she has a dream body! Amparo Grisales starred in a hot photo session in a bikini

For years, ‘the Diva’ of Colombia has been characterized by preserving the spectacular figure with which he drove Colombians crazy from the decade of the 80s

Her fine features, her sculptural body and her undoubted talent have been the ideal combination to be classified as one of the most beautiful women in the country.

Amparo Grisales starred in a hot photo session in a bikini

Although time has passed and today the manizaleña is already 64 years old, it seems that time simply does not pass her by. She like that she demonstrated it recently with a sensual photograph that he shared through his official Instagram account.

Well, in it he appears wearing a sensual white bikini with which she revealed all the details of her stunning figure. Nothing to envy the young girls!

Apparently this photo belongs to her first photosootingwhich was taken in the beaches of Santa Marta a few weeks ago.

The publication was accompanied by the following message:

My first PHOTOSHOOTING…in Pandemic Times…!! Bringing out the best of me in adversity…!!!🧚🏻‍♀️ Powerfully exercising my BODY, my MIND AND my SPIRIT…!!! Connecting the Heart with the Brain and the Brain with the Heart….!!!💗💗💗 A fantastic journey into my Being….!!! Raising my Energetic Bodies and awakening to a greater Consciousness!!!🙏💜🙏 Co-creating in alignment with the “DIVINE PRESENCE I AM… the Great Spirit of God that commands and directs everything… in Harmony with the Universe…!! !

Although the publication has not yet completed 24 hours on the platform, it already has more than 75 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments from her fans, who do not stop praising her.

“Whoever criticized her is rage and envy…. How many at that age… I see them… Only protection 🙏”, “EXCELLENT… like her none. Only. All my admiration.”, “Woman, you don’t age, you are an excellent example.”, “It’s good to see a woman your age who exercises, takes care of herself and stays beautiful 💖 I love it 💖 I congratulate her ♥️”, “I want to be like this at your age 🙌 beautiful”.

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