Amparo Grisales showed her face without filters!

«The Diva of Colombia» Amparo Grisales He showed his face up close on social media and showed that he has glowing skin.

The actress born in the city of Manizalesrecently appeared on the cover of Aló Magazine very lightly dressed.

Amparo has been characterized by always looking beautiful despite the speculations that have been made about his age.

Currently she is 64 years old and it is the envy of many women who would like to have her incredible figure.

Very natural! Amparo Grisales showed her face without makeup

When in the SILENCE you hear your Soul whisper: “I KNEW IT……!!!
INTUITION = the Art and the Sacred Faculty of seeing Intensely….!!!🧚🏻‍♀️

Text with which Amparo shared her photograph.

Some time ago Amparo was criticized for the alleged excess of Photoshop in her photographs, something that did not sit well with the «Diva».

The truth is that Amparo continues to remain beautiful and proof of this is the number of comments on her Instagram account where thas more than a million followers.

Bella who is DIVI will be DIVI no matter who it hurts

Divine, there is no other word

👏🏻 beautifulaaaa great pride of Colombian women 👏🏻

Comments from the followers of Amparo Grisales on her social networks.

If you don’t know how old Amparito is, then tell us, How old could you be based on his appearance?. Leave your opinion in the comments.