Amparo Grisales explained what her curious wedding dress would look like

Amparo Grisales explained what would her wedding dress look like in the middle of one of the episodes My name is and managed to blush more than one with his cheeky comment.

The Diva of Colombian television continues to arouse various reactions with her comments and performances in the middle of the music program. There is no doubt that the actress loves having the spotlight on her and that is demonstrated by her comment about the Jessi Uribe impersonator.

And it is that this season, Amparo had already had comments and attitudes about a person from the LGBTI community that did not go down well with the audience. For this reason, everything she says generates an echo and before her opinion of what her wedding dress would be like, many were left speechless by the spontaneity with which she did it.

Amparo Grisales explained what her wedding dress would look like in the episode of My name is

During the episode, the also singer at the time, wore an elegant white dress that highlighted her well-cared figure. Immediately, César Escola decided to sing the song Girlfriend of the Chilean Antonio Prieto, an action that recalled the pattern of expectation of the program in which he was seen dressed as a bride, and entering the church with Carlos Calero, presenter of the reality show.

At that moment, Amparo launched a real pearl while Calero remembered about that commercial. The one born in Manizales stated in a humorous but firm tone:

«I’m going to tell you one thing, Carlos, the dress is divine, spectacular, but if marriages start with the weight of the dress like that… You don’t know what it weighed, if that’s how it’s going to weigh when you get married, I’ll get married naked ”

Both the jurors and the host of the program could not help but blush and were surprised, but Carlos lowered the temperature of the comment indicating that “for the coming (season) that is the suit”.

Just at that moment, many remembered that Grisales was married at the age of 16 to the Argentine artist Germán Tessarolo, although they separated a short time later, but the actress decided to legally keep her ex’s last name.

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