Amparo Grisales and her surgeries: Yes or no?

Has the actress Amparo Grisales undergone any plastic surgery to stay young?

When a person, be it a man or a woman, is already on the sixth floor, it is understandable and even to be expected that their body and face show changes produced by the passage of time, however, that is something that does not seem to affect Amparo Grisales. The diva even posted a photo a few months ago without a drop of makeup (although, in reality, it looks a bit blurry).

The truth is that Amparo Grisales seems to defy aging, in fact, she has taken advantage of her «eternal youth» with the sale of products such as Revertrex and her book Defying age, secrets of a diva. Though He strongly denies having had any plastic surgery., some Internet users say that at least she has one that she cannot hide: breast implants. Look and compare.

On the other hand, it is clear that Amparo yes aesthetic procedures are performed that reduce the signs of aging, such as therapies to activate collagen.

Without surgeries, her toned body is, in her own words, result of decades of demanding exercise routines and a strict diet. One thing we have to recognize, Amparo Grisales still looks like Amparo Grisales, only olderand she has not adopted that strange face that all women who have surgery acquire, so she could really possess the secret of «eternal youth».

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