Amparo Grisales almost gets naked in Yo Me Lamo thanks to David Bisbal

Amparo Grisales is one of the celebrities who most attracts the attention of the Yo Me Llamo program, but this time she left everyone with their mouths open.

In the latest chapter of imitation program of Snail Channel one of the contestants managed to bristle Amparo Grisales. Turns out the copycat David Bisbal he made such a good presentation the jury began to take off their clothes. However, everything was there, but Cesar Escola Y pipe good They wanted to help her with her dress and that is why they began to lower her clothes little by little.

Of course, the viewers began to talk about it because in the end he was the one who took the 10 million prize. Many assured on social networks that the decision was unfair because the imitators of Sin Bandera did much better.

Well, what do you say is that there is a cat between these two characters or it was simply the impersonator’s presentation that was great. Although many say that it is as if Amparo had had an orgasm. How do you see it? Well, in the end we will know what happened that night, for now we just have to wait.

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Information from: HsbNews