Am I in love with my best friend? #VibraTest

You can be madly in love with your best friend without knowing it, heaps! To get rid of doubts in a 2 x 3, solve this VibraTest…

Now that love and friendship are in the air, we have realized that in many relationships this line is a blur and the heart does not know if what it feels is because it loves its friend very much or because it is in love with him. Are you curious? We share a VibraTest inspired by our colleagues from InFemininewhich will answer the question Am I in love with my best friend?

Are you able to share the result on your social networks? If not, share this test with your best friend or friend to solve it, a few words to the good listener!

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– Your heart Viiiiibra (@Vibra1049) August 3, 2016