Alicia Machado’s daughter asked her for breast implants as a 15-year gift

Alicia Machado revealed that her daughter asked her as a 15-year-old gift for breast implants and she responded forcefully.

After generating enough controversy with his participation in Master Chef Celebrity, Alicia Machado was also participating in other reality shows where she attracted attention. However, this time the one who stole the show was her daughter with a very particular request that involved cosmetic surgery.

Alicia Machado’s daughter asked for breast implants for her 15 years

Alicia Machado confessed to her followers that her daughter Dinorah surprised her with a question that she never imagined. For this reason, she assured “We were in a very personal moment and she was complaining that she is very skinny, very petite, and I told her mommy, look, you are going to grow up, I was like that at your age, everything is going to come out of you”.

However, what took the former miss universe by surprise was that her daughter asked her “Mom, would you put my chichis on when I was 15 years old?” to which she replied “As long as you are under my roof and you are underage, no”. In addition, she took the opportunity to make a reflection where he mentioned that “Later on, without having operated on anything, she looks in the mirror and feels beautiful, then she can do whatever she wants there”.

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