Alicia Machado decided to sell personalized greetings and said how much she charges

Alicia Machado revealed that he is part of a celebrity platform that is now dedicated to selling personalized greetings.

The former queen who is currently participating in the reality show Master Chef Celebrity of the RCN Channel decided to be part of a platform that is dedicated to selling celebrity greetings. Apparently Alicia decided to increase her income and that is why she began to congratulate her followers depending on each occasion.

How much does Alicia Machado charge for a personalized greeting?

Through her Instagram account, Alicia announced the news of her new business with a message where she said “My people unique videos and only for you. Let’s talk directly and I’ll be happy to send you a congratulations or a message of encouragement and good vibes «. According to the page, the messages can be birthday, congratulations, questions for the famous, even anonymous messages, among others.

When announcing her new business, many had the doubt of knowing how much she charges for a greeting and she herself was in charge of answering “348,000 Colombian pesos, a normal girl. I am an actress and producer. My perfume and makeup company. I have a wonderful daughter, I really like to sing and dance, I was Miss Universe 96 and I am constantly evolving.. That is why those who are interested can already start requesting a video of the former queen.

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