Álex Ubago already has his list of resolutions for 2016

If you like Álex Ubago’s music, we’ll tell you that this year will be recharged on a professional and personal level, for which we congratulate him in advance.

After two years of hard work, Alex Ubago is preparing the release of his new album. The singer is looking forward to his fans being able to listen to his new material, and so he lets them know on his personal profile on social networks, where he keeps them up to date with all the news and advances of the album.

A photo posted by Alex Ubago (@alexubagoficial) on Dec 31, 2015 at 2:13pm PST

The singer, who was also part of The Voice (Telecinco) acting as an advisor to your coach Laura Pausino, has also lived some very special weeks after publishing a new song with a great partner. Fifteen years after the successful Without fear of anything, Álex has reunited with his friend Amaia Montero in the theme Los abrazos rotos, starring in a romantic black and white video clip shot in Biarritz.

A photo posted by Alex Ubago (@alexubagoficial) on Sep 18, 2015 at 10:35 PDT

If professionally things couldn’t go better, on a personal level Álex can boast of living a very special moment. The artist and his wife, Maria AlcortaThey will welcome a new member to the family. The couple is already in the final stretch and very soon they will be able to hold their baby in their arms, the second for the marriage, which will undoubtedly become the perfect playmate for their older brother, Pablo, who is already three years old. .

Last December we could see them enjoying a sunny day in the snow in Baqueira Beret, one of the best known ski resorts in Spain. Álex acted as a father to his ‘prince’ and we saw him very attentive at all times to his wife, who he boasted of being in an advanced state.

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