Alex Syntek immortalized in wax museum

aleks sintek He expressed his satisfaction at having been immortalized, through a talking wax figure, «simply grateful and it is one more incentive to continue with my work.»

The Mexican singer-songwriter, who enjoys great prestige in the world of music, unveiled his wax figure this Wednesday, which will remind visitors of Syntek’s talent, by interpreting the song «Sexo, Pudor y Lágrimas», in a version special.

That theme, which distinguished the singer, received the Ariel award for best original composition for cinema and the soundtrack to which it gave its name, was double platinum in Mexico, Colombia and the United States.

Visibly moved, Syntek highlighted that it is an achievement to belong to the Wax Museum and to have a statue for which he himself selected the theme that he would interpret, since he considers that “Sex, Shame and Tears” is one of the most representative themes in his career.

«I feel grateful and honored, because it is the Mexican public who makes this choice and this only serves as an incentive to continue making the effort», he expressed. He mentioned that his figure wears the outfit he wore at his first concert at the National Auditorium in 2003.

“The crystal suit that I wore for my show became something very emblematic, hence the idea of ​​donating it for my wax figure”which will be installed in El casino, one of the 14 rooms of the Wax Museum, he asserted.

The singer did not miss the opportunity to joke a little by pointing out that the wax figure will also serve as a test so that he does not gain weight and maintain it.

On the other hand, Syntek commented that it will be presented on April 20 at the National Auditorium, where it will have many guests.

Regarding the possibility of doing a duet with Thalía, he explained that despite the fact that he has a good friendship with the artist, there is nothing contemplated, «the duets occur spontaneously, I think you don’t have to force anything.»

Source: Informer