Álex Adames and Luz del Sol Neisa, from Parents and children (Caracol Television), got married

The pair of actors composed of Alex Adames and Luz del Sol Neisa they met on the set of Fathers and sons more than 15 years ago and they just got married.

In the artistic world they say that the extensive production of Canal Caracol Fathers and sons It was much more than a simple classic for the channel, as it was also a hotbed for young actors and actresses. In its chapters we saw several celebrities who are big stars today, such as Lina Tejeiro and Diego Cadavidto name just a couple of them.

But on set there was also room for true love and that was the case with this couple. She is called Neise Sunlightwho also acted in Francis, the mathematician. After playing the role of Sofia in Fathers and sonsworked in productions such as Floricenta Y clean handamong other.

For its part, Venezuelan actor Alex Adames He has worked as a supporting actor in productions such as The girl Y The Nightalthough like many other actors, his debut was in Fathers and sons.

This was the wedding of Álex Adames and Luz del Sol Neisa

And it is that It was precisely on the set of Fathers and sons where this couple fell in love. As reported on the gossip show The netThey met in 2005 and only now, 16 years later, have they decided to unite in holy matrimony.

“That moment seemed like a dream, as was the first visit to the @hacienda_lavictoria, its owners filled us with motivation and joy, to make this moment a unique moment, they were the first to sow in us the illusion of a wedding like a 🧚‍♀️ fairy tale.

Each space and moment were unique, the arrival at the beautiful crystal chapel, on the 🐎 horses, made that moment an unforgettable memory.”

Luz wrote along with some snapshots of the romantic moment…

In addition, they are parents of a little baby named Mateo.

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