Alert! Chayanne shows her and her son’s abs (Photos)

The Puerto Rican singer, who will turn 54 next year, once let us see that he is in shape just like his son and when they showed his abs, the networks simply exploded, and it was not for less. daddies!

They say that ‘like wood, like splinter’, and in the case of the handsome Puerto Rican singer and actor Chayanne and his son, Lorenzo Valentino Figueroa, this could not be more true. And it is that the singer shared in 2016 a striking photo, through his social networks in which it becomes evident that his son, who is already 24 years old, has inherited his great body.

Also vibrates with:

«Father and son doing a little exercise… who’s up?»

The Puerto Rican singer commented next to the photo.

Not surprisingly then, the photo has caused a stir on Instagram, with more than 30,000 likes, in just two hours!

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