Alejandro Sanz showed off his girlfriend on his vacation

the spanish singer Alejandro Sanz showed off his beautiful girlfriend on social networks taking advantage of the holiday season.

We have rarely seen Sanz next to his girlfriend on the networks, however In the Instagram profile of his girlfriend Rachel Valdés it is more common to see these types of photos as a couple.

It is not clear where the couple is in the world, but those who know them say that they They live traveling between Miami, Madrid and Havana.

Alejandro Sanz showed off Rachel Valdés

Holidays in your laughter are my favorites ☀️

Text with which Alejandro Sanz accompanied his photos next to Rachel Valdés inside the sea.

Who is Rachel Valdes?

Rachel Valdés is a Cuban artist, she is 31 years old, well known in Latin America for her works of arthas a son from her first relationship, since she is divorced.

The artist has been seen many times accompanied by Manuela Sanz Alejandro’s eldest daughter and apparently gets along with the rest of the Spaniard’s children.

However, Rachel has been linked with other famous singers like Mick Jagger singer of the band The Rolling Stones and with Marc Anthony.

Do you think that if Alejandro Sanz is so in love with Rachel, he should show her off more, like she does? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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