Alejandra Buitrago flirting with J Balvin again?

This was confirmed in La Red, because Alejandra Buitrago gave up «Tu voz stereo» to travel to the United States, where the reggaeton singer is also located.

The actress had arrived since 2016 along with fellow actor Lucas Vuelvas to host the afternoon program on Canal Caracol. Alejandra Buitrago was the protagonist of the program that was dedicated to solving cases while they were on a station.

Apparently, the Pereira wants to grow professionally and for that reason she prefers to leave the country to study acting in the United States. However, there are also other types of rumors, as confirmed by Mary Méndez, presenter of La Red. “I see a romantic tone to this, because already being in the United States there will be a rapprochement with J Balvin. They live flirting on social networks”.

Many of the program’s followers supported that theory, although Carlos Vargas recalled that the reggaeton singer is currently dating Argentina’s Valentina Ferrer. In the end, the only thing that is certain is that they are already looking for a replacement for the model in the corridors of Canal Caracol.

What do you think of Alejandra Buitrago’s resignation from the program ‘Your stereo voice’?

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With information from: Pulse