Alejandra Azcárate’s husband’s plane fell, with cocaine

Alejandra Azcárate’s husband’s plane fellwith cocaine. The renowned Colombian comedian and actress is involved in this controversy.

In the last few hours, the Investigative Journalism Agency reported that the national authorities dealt a heavy blow to drug trafficking by seizing a small plane on the island of Providencia, which was transporting more than 440 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride.

The aircraft, which supposedly he was traveling to the island to bring humanitarian aid to the inhabitants, who were terribly affected by the disasters caused by Hurricane Iota more than 6 months ago, He had approximately five billion pesos in drugs.

According to statements given to the same outlet, the plane was driven by pilots Juan Cadena and Harold Rivera, 31 and 53 years old, who they were immediately captured for the crime of trafficking, manufacturing or carrying drugs.

Alejandra Azcárate’s husband’s plane fell, Miguel Jaramillo, with cocaine

But what caused the most controversy about the discovery is that the aircraft seized with N722KR plates and which was making its 131st flight of the year, It is registered in the name of nothing more and nothing less than the husband of the renowned actress and comedian, Alejandra Azcárate.

Well, according to the API, said plane was registered in the United States in the name of the company established in 2012 by Miguel Jaramillo Arango and Fernando Alfonso Escovar Langebeck.

And what does Alejandra Azcarate say?

Faced with the fact The actress responded to the accusations against her husband through a conversation with the journalist Julio Sánchez Cristo. Azcarate stated that the aircraft is not owned by her husband and that this was only lent by a friend to carry the supposed humanitarian aid.

«My husband is a fan of airplanes and presides over a private pilots association (…) my husband has a friend who is a pilot and who has a plane, They were on a farm and the owner of the plane received a call about the plane’s need for humanitarian aid.»

Subsequently, Sanchez Christ reported that after learning of the seizure of the vehicle, Both the actress’s husband and his friend went to the Prosecutor’s Office to carry out due process.

“The man (a friend of Alejandra Azcárate’s husband) says where I should go, I have no idea. They go to the Prosecutor’s Office (with Miguel Jaramillo) and the Prosecutor’s Office accepts them as victims (…) they used the plane of a friend of Miguel Jaramillo, husband of Azcárate, to make an absolutely illegal flight.”

Network reactions

It should also be noted that after hearing the news, the comedian has been a trend on social networks. Over there, Hundreds of users have made all kinds of comments about it.

Here some of them!

How could a shipment of 440kg of «family tragedy» be dropped by Alejandra Azcárate’s husband…!

– Jhonatan Leal (@JhonatanLR22) May 25, 2021

We already know the reason for Alejandra Azcárate not sharing photos of her husband, a family tragedy!

— Stephanie Cruz (@TeffyCruz18) May 25, 2021

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