Alejandra Azcárate and her radical way of avoiding bullying

Alejandra Azcárate and her radical way of avoiding bullying in social networks. It seems that she is not willing to tolerate teasing!

After authorities seized a small plane on the island of San Andrés, apparently belonging to the husband of the renowned actress and comedian Alejandra Azcárate, which was transporting more than 440 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloridein social networks a whole rain of comments has been unleashed about it.

And it is that although the same comedian came out in defense of her husband Assuring that he is nothing more than a victim of this entire embarrassing situation, users of platforms such as Twitter have not only shown that they do not believe his statements, but also They have made it a trend with thousands of jokes and comments in which they make strong points.

Alejandra Azcárate and her radical way of avoiding bullying

Such has been the bullying that the presenter has also received who recentlye chose to protect herself by blocking anyone who comes to attack her or make any comment by way of accusation or mockery against him.

Even the comedian himself Hassam showed through his networks that the comedian had blocked him after throwing some trills about it.

But this is not the only measure that has been taken, because On his Instagram account, where he has more than 3 million followers, he decided to block the comment option on his most recent posts. to mitigate bullying and accusations.

It should be noted that it has been rumored on networks that the program ‘Who is the mask?’, in which he participated together with personalities such as Lina Tejeiro, Llane and Peter Albeiro, was suspended by Canal RCN presumably for this drug trafficking scandal involving her.

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