Alcoholic beverages that make you fat

Drinking alcohol makes you fat. But, Do you really know how many calories your favorite drink contains? These are some statistics.

If you are following a diet to lose weight, you better forget about having a drink for a while. To give you an idea, alcohol produces 7 kilocalories per gram (empty calories that do not contain any nutrients). It is an energy that is stored in the form of fat, either in the abdominal area (the famous floater, does it sound familiar?) or in the liver, (poor) organ in charge of its processing. Alcohol interrupts the oxidation of fats and carbohydrates, which stop burning.

The calories in a glass are directly proportional to the graduation of the drink in question. Below, we show you a ranking of the ones that are the most fattening to the ones that are least fattening, measured in 100 ml (0.1 l) glasses, so that you can calculate for yourself how much the glass you drink makes you fat. And that’s not counting the sugar in the soft drink with which you have to mix some of them… (around 100 kcal if not ‘light’) and the panchitos either gummies they serve you in most pubs. Of course, not all of them are on this list, although some of the most common in Spain are.

1. Vodka: 300 kilocalories
two. Anise: 297 calories
3. Ron: 244 calories
Four. Geneva: 244 calories
5. Whiskey: 240 calories
6. Brandy / Cognac: 243 calories
7. amaretto: 240 calories
8. Schnapps: 222 calories
9. Pina Colada: 194 calories
10. sweet vermouth: 160 calories
eleven. Muscat wine: 149 calories
12. White wine: 79 calories
13. Red wine: 74 calories
14. Champagne: 46 calories
fifteen. Beer: 45 calories
16. Cider: 40 calories


Experts recommend not exceeding 30 gr. of alcohol per day. In fact, a moderate consumption of alcohol would be considered the intake of between 15 and 30 gr. diaries.

But, How can we calculate the amount of pure alcohol that we drink? It is easy. The alcohol content of the drink in question would be multiplied by 8 and then this result would be multiplied by the amount consumed, measured in litres.

To give a practical example with the drink that, according to our ranking, makes you fatter: vodka. Its alcoholic content amounts to 40% of the volume (between 30 and 50% depending on its origin or brand).

So, we multiply 40 x 8 = 320 x 0.1 l. = 32 (grams of alcohol consumed). Conclusion? A single glass of vodka gives you 300 kcal and would make you exceed the recommended alcohol limits for a single day. Imagine if you drink two!

The recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) They establish an average caloric intake of 2,000 to 2,500 Kcal/day for an adult male and 1,500 to 2,000 Kcal/day for a woman.

With a good binge we would gain more than half of the energy needed in a day, about 1,000 calories that we are not burning and we keep them in the little piggy bank of happiness… or was it the belly?

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