Aida Victoria was not allowed to get on the float at Carnival in Barranquilla

The influencer denounced that -supposedly- because she was the daughter of the controversial former senator, they took her out of the thread at the Barranquilla Carnival. Aida Victoria was not allowed to get on the carriage.

Last Saturday March 26 started the Barranquilla Carnival and the Battle of the Flowers It was the inaugural event, in which celebrities from the national show business usually participate; this year the stars of the day included several influencers, the new celebrities of the web.

the influencer Aída Victoria Merlano (daughter of former senator Aída Merlanowho declared against the controversial Barranquilla family known as the Clan de los Char and is detained in Venezuela) had a float scheduled for her, however she never managed to get on.

Why was Aida Victoria not allowed to get on the carriage?

According to the Barranquilla, later through her social networks, she had a commercial agreement with a brand to go out on a sponsored float, but they had canceled the day before, presumably, for not being part of the thread.

“Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps the problem was one of organization, but if I told them everything they talked about when they saw my name on that list, that’s why I say that the thread commands everything here.

So I put my platform in the trailer of a troupe and that’s how I was able to get out. Those people made fun of me and said that I was crazy if I thought they were going to let me out. I was not going to cry, I put on my suit, put on my makeup and that’s where I went, obviously on the sly.»

assured the young woman.

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