Aida Victoria Merlano warmed up the party with Lina Tejeiro

on social media some videos are circulating where it is seen how Aida Victoria Merlano warmed up the atmosphere in the company of the beautiful Lina Tejeiro.

the beautiful celebrities They met at Pipe Bueno’s last birthday party. and during their meeting they seduced their followers on social networks.

In the first video you see Lina and Aida Victoria singing a song ‘A Wounded Scream’ while joining their noses in a very sensual way.

The party heated up with Aida Victoria Merlano and Lina Tejeiro

In another of the stories, this time published by Aida, she tells Lina: ‘I came single today’; To which Lina replied: ‘Me too, you saw destiny wants to tell us something’; They then tried to kiss each other.

Although they did not show how the video ended, his followers did let their imaginations run wild and speculate about sexual tendencies of the beautiful women.

Let’s remember that recently Lina was talking with the Vibra en las Mañanas team about his work on the film ‘Un rabón con corazón’.

Do you find it sensual to see two women like Aida and Lina kiss? Leave your opinion in the comments.