Aída Victoria M. showed cellulite and stretch marks on her body

With all the attitude and security that characterize her, Aída Victoria M. showed the cellulite and stretch marks on her body and sent a message of self-esteem to his followers.

The popular Barranquilla influencer, who in recent days was tenure after learning that her new partner is a renowned urban music singer, again became a topic of conversation, but this time due to the way in which she responded to one of her followers. . What did she say?

As usual, the beautiful content creator constantly opens the question box in Instagram stories to interact with her followers, share funny stories from her day to day and make the odd controversial statement.

There one of her followers wrote her a message in which, beyond wanting to ask her about some detail of her life, she decided to praise her body and reflect a little on how she felt about it:

«You don’t have cellulite, or chubby 🥺😔😣 how nice to be like you 😣☹️»

Full of confidence, Aída Victoria M. showed cellulite and stretch marks on her body in her nets

Given the words of the user and far from feeling flattered, the Barranquilla decided to show that not everything that is shown on social networks is perfection and even lowered the sports pants she was wearing to show the reality of her body.

“Suddenly there are “perfect body” women but I am not going to be the source of your insecurity. Obviously I have stretch marks, I have cellulite like everyone else.”

The influencer’s response unleashed hundreds of reactions and comments in which the majority applauded her gesture, as they defended that despite being very beautiful, she shows herself as she is.

But that was not all! Another user questioned her for hiding her relationship with the renowned singer naldybefore which he explained that he is not hiding anything, since he stated that the only thing he does is respect the normal process of meeting a new person and knowing if he is the right one or not.

Here are their statements:

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