Aida V. Merlano and Sara Uribe and a curious talent with their breasts

Through stories on their networks, Aida V. Merlano and Sara Uribe showed off curious talent with their breasts and many compared them. It was unavoidable!

It is no secret to anyone that the renowned content creator and the former Protagonist of Novels are two of the most beautiful and popular figures of the current national show business, because with each of the announcements, comments and publications they make through social networks They manage to steal the attention of thousands of Internet users.

On the one hand, the sensuality, security and charisma of the stunning Barranquilla (despite the scandals in which she has been involved) have completely captivated her fans. In the same way, despite the constant criticism that she has received for the changes that her body has had in recent months, the also paisa businesswoman continues to be the delusion of many.

Aida V. Merlano and Sara Uribe showed off curious talent with their breasts

Undoubtedly, these two women exude beauty and attitude, so it was not at all strange that recently each one showed their followers a hidden talent with which they left many of their followers speechless, because nobody imagined it! What is it about?

During a dynamic in Instagram stories, Sara Uribe responded to a follower who asked her about the size of her implants. There she stated that she did not know exactly how much she had and that they would have to be weighed, but what really caught the attention of her fans were the images with which she accompanied her response, because there, wearing a sensual black bikini, she made a particular breast movement with which more than one was left speechless.

Interestingly, Aída Victoria also took a few moments to answer questions from her fans, an opportunity that one of them took advantage of to inquire about her hidden talents. With all the attitude, sensuality and sense of humor that characterizes her, the barranquillera showed that she, like Sara, she also knows how to move her breasts.

For this reason it was inevitable to compare both celebrities, which is why on Instagram Internet users have not yet decided who does it better:

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