aid mission in Romania with former stray animals

The initiative in Bucharest is one of several concrete aid campaigns that started in the wake of the war in Ukraine. When you arrive at the train station, a team is ready to provide the pets you have brought with you with food, dog and cat bowls, transport boxes, leashes, collars, toys and blankets. The veterinarians of the partner organization Animal Society also offer free first aid and comprehensive medical care, including microchipping and rabies vaccinations.

“Many of the refugees cannot believe that they are being cared for free of charge and are infinitely grateful. But the best thing is to see how our dogs can distract and comfort the children. It reaffirms our conviction that active animal welfare always means helping people,» says veterinarian Anca Tomescu.

You can download high-resolution photos here:

You can find more information about the partner animal shelter in Bucharest here.