After giving birth to Meghan Markle, they are criticizing her for this detail

Meghan Markle’s birth was covered in all the media, however, the criticism did not wait when she showed the baby in public, why?

Becoming a mother is difficult for any girl, whether you are famous or not. This is felt in her own flesh by the Duchess of Sussex, who a few days after giving birth, she is the target of cruel criticism.

After giving birth to Meghan Markle, did you expect her to look thin?

A couple of days after giving birth, Meghan had to meet the royal protocol of showing off your newborn baby in public. It was then that many noticed his abdomen.

Some of the criticisms that were written on social networks were of this caliber:

I think she had another baby left in her belly.»

“V*rga left a boy inside. Roll and belly”

“Oh, if there is too much belly left, it looks like she is pregnant”

“But it seems that she had not yet given birth”

And it is that this can be the effect of the unreal images that the media sell us, in which they show recently given birth celebrities with Victoria’s Secret bodies.

The truth is that after giving birth, the normalization process of the womb is slow, because the uterus takes four weeks to return to its shape; for that to happen, the new mother releases hormones through urine, perspiration, etc.

The body does not recover naturally from one day to the next!

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