Adriana Lucia will have twins! She announced it that way on her networks

Adriana Lucia will have twins and decided to share this news with all her fans through a publication on social networks in which she was happy and excited.

The singer born in El Carito, Córdoba, is one of the most important artists in the country. For several years now, through her music, she has rescued the folklore and tradition of the towns located on the north Colombian coast. Such has been the influence of singer-songwriter Adriana Lucía, who appeared in an advertisement published in Times Square as a tribute to an album in which she seeks empowerment and equal rights for women.

Also, thanks to his time on shows like Masterchef Celebrity, a reality show that he won with more than enough merit, he has gained recognition. The artist’s good streak continues because just a few hours ago she found out that she is pregnant and through a couple of photos, she told her fans that she will be a mother and doubly so.

Adriana Lucia will have twins! She announced it this way on her social networks

To begin with, the artist confessed that she had been trying to get pregnant for a long time, but had not succeeded. She told her that in an image in which she appears together with her son, Salomón, and her husband, Felipe Buitrago. At the same time, she revealed to her fans that her son asked for a little brother, until she gave the gift to the little one:

Later, in a series of photographs, Adriana decided to tell parts of her time as a mother. In them, she tenderly wore a blue dress that highlighted her baby bump. In addition, she accompanied the images of her with an emotional message in which she confesses that she will have twins.

Likewise, the interpreter of hits like I want you to stay, fall in love like me Y You arrived, said that she is already 17 weeks pregnant and that after an ultrasound that was performed in the company of her husband, she found out that there will be two babies that will come into the world. Although she thought “That the doctor was “cocking my cock” and I laughed, thinking it was a joke but he looked me in the eye and said: “I swear on my mom that it is true” and that was where we knew that happiness was coming multiplied.”

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