Adele would have plagiarized a song by Shakira

Nothing goes unnoticed on the Internet and when it comes to music Internet users try to find similarities and obviously Adele’s success could not be left out with her recent album.

Adele is in the eye of the hurricane because apparently the singer could have plagiarized with the song ‘Million Years Ago’Well, it’s very similar to the theme. ‘Acilara Tutunmak’ of the turkish singer ahmed kayawhich was a hit in 1985.

This is Adele’s song ‘Million Years Ago’

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This is Ahmet Kaya’s version ‘Acilara Tutunmak’

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But apparently it was not the only song that Adele took as a reference, as several Internet users found a resemblance to the theme of Shakira, ‘There are loves’or the first few seconds of the main theme of the Phantom of the opera.

This is Shakira’s version

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Phantom of the Opera Theme

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But that apparently will not stop the unstoppable success of the British singer, as it was announced that Adele’s album, 25, became the best-selling in 2015 on iTunes, leaving behind Taylor Swift with 1989 and Justin Bieber with Purpose.

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