Actresses of Coffee and Nurses surprised followers with a photo

three of the actresses of Coffee Y nurses of the RCN channel They surprised their followers with a photograph that generated comments on social networks.

Paula Barreto who is part of the cast of nurses He shared a photograph on his official Instagram account with Diana Hoyos, the protagonist of the same series. The curious thing is that María Teresa Barreto also appeared in the image, who is currently playing «Marcela Vallejo» in woman-fragranced coffee and who is also Paula’s sister.

The actresses of Coffee Y nurses they posed for the photo and their followers loved it

It turns out that Paula published a beautiful image accompanied by Diana and María T with a message full of love and admiration for her sister and her partner on the set. In this way they made it clear that what happens to their characters has nothing to do with their relationship in real life.

Immediately, the followers of the actresses of Coffee Y nurses They began to highlight in the comments not only the beauty of the three but also their talent before the cameras to interpret their characters. That is why the image quickly reached more than 13 thousand «likes» and thousands of comments from his most loyal followers.

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