Actress who was bullied for «fat»… She took revenge!

Kate Winslet, famous for her role as Rose in titanicaconfesses how she took revenge on those who bullied her for being «fat».

One looks everywhere at Kate Winslet and fails to understand where she has those supposed extra kilos for which, as she herself has declared, He has been bullied, not only in his personal life but also in his professional life.

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We all remember her as the young woman madly in love with Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) with whom she had a torrid love affair with the tragic ending that we all know in the film. Tianan; We would never imagine, not for a second, that this famous actress has or had a problem with her weight.

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In fact, this British actress spent some time off the big screen because it was «fat» by Hollywood standardseven after already being a superstar thanks to Titanic.

“I have to lose weight or I will never work. My new regimen is so insane and… so damn boring,” he confessed to the magazine. Hello in 2001 after giving birth to her eldest daughter and just 4 years after titanica.

What we did not know is that this actress, winner of the Oscar in 2009 for her role in TheReader, also was a victim of bullying since he was in school, as she recently confessed in an interview. But although revenge is never good, she already took revenge like this:

«This is my revenge. At this very moment, I am enjoying a wonderful career that I feel very lucky to have and I have healthy children. Besides, I have a very happy life and for me it is a way of saying to those girls: ‘Look at me now!’”, She explained in the American TV program Today.

But the revenge does not stop there, because Kate is these days the actress who arouses the most envy in the world of entertainment, because despite her 41-year-old just turned and not having the skeletal figure that today is proclaimed as perfect, Liam Hemsworth’s daddy was «fucked» (in fiction, as far as we know) with whom he co-stars in the film The power of fashionstill on billboard.

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Are they saying chubby girls can’t wear Crop Tops? LIE, they look divine @lapinedita

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