Actress of ‘Betty, the ugly’ denounced Ali Humar for harassment

One of the actresses of ‘Betty, the ugly’ decided to denounce that she was the victim of harassment by one of the most important directors in the country.

This is Marcela Posada who gave life to the character of Sandra, better known as «La Giraffe» from the Cuartel de las feas. The actress in the middle of an interview decided to denounce the different abuses to which she was subjected in the castings with Ali Humar.

Marcela assured that it is not the first time that the director made such proposals and that several actresses had been victims of those bad moments but did not dare to denounce. However, she mentioned that the issue had no consequences because there were many people who were protecting him.

In the interview, Marcela assured that the casting was never normal and instead of having a script, Ali gave them toys and put them to watch adult movies. In addition, she told them that to win a role they had to invent a scene that would excite him.

Marcela also added that although the situation occurred 24 years ago, she did not dare to say anything back then because it was something very difficult that had scared her.

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