Actress Drew Barrymore made an unexpected confession: «George Clooney was my therapist»

drew Barrymore says George Clooney acted as his «therapist». The 47-year-old star met with the Hollywood actor georgewho is married to the human rights lawyer Amal44, and has four-year-old twins, Alexander Y Shewhen he appeared on her talk show and thought it was «incredible» just «dive» into a conversation with your co-star from ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’.

She said: «That’s what was so amazing, was that George spent an hour and fifteen minutes here on set. So we were able to maximize the conversation. Well, it’s funny because I saw George like two nights later at his house.»

«Amal’s amazing Clooney Foundation benefit and we were talking to each other and he said, ‘I liked it when I played your therapist.’ … I laid on the floor and, you know, he was Dr. George and I feel like George is the kind of guy who doesn’t have a wall either and I don’t have a wall So if you’re talking to a friend who’s pretending to be in therapy or you’re actually talking to a real therapist, like, the sooner those walls come down or aren’t there, the quicker you’ll get to the good stuff, so he just dove right in.»

the star of ‘ET’ -he has two daughters, frankyeight, and Olivenine, with her ex-husband Will Kopelman.

She told Entertainment Tonight: «For me, looking at him and the way he held on to the right one is really good dating advice for all of us. I know George is someone who always wants the best for people too.».

I think he sees some kind of bad behavior or negligent behavior or, like, crazy behavior and goes, ‘No, no,’ but he’s also the guy who cracks jokes, has more fun.

[Él] it’s totally twisted and delicious. so he embodies someone who is on the right path in life as a very wise human being that he has always been. He knows right from wrong and right from wrong, and yet he’s not lacking in fun or mischief. It is the most powerful combination. «