Actor’s video went viral for showing Colombia from above

actor video and youtuber goes around the world for revealing the exuberant beauty of Colombia from a weather balloon.

Although many people have a bad image of YouTubers, not all of them fit the stereotype of superficial people with which they are labeled.

An example of this are the scientific youtuberswho (whether from a professional or amateur level) use this platform to spread science ideas and concepts in an entertaining way.

This is the video of the actor Faber Burgos Sarmiento

That, precisely, was what this Colombian youtuber did, who went viral for a video in which he shows the planet from the troposphere just above Colombia. This time the video was for Facebook…

As he himself relates, he got this clip with a GoPro camera, which he glued on a piece of Styrofoam to the weather balloon, which he raised from Cuitiva, Boyacá.

Who is Faber Burgos Sarmiento?

Faber Burgos Sarmiento has a YouTube channel that bears his name in which he answers scientific questions. He also worked as a supporting actor in productions such as clean hand and other telenovelas from national channels.

Although he graduated with a degree in Modern Languages ​​from the Colombian School of Industrial Careers, his true passion is science, especially paleontology, history and astronomy.

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