Actors of ´El paseo 6´ met for its official premiere

The actors of ride 6 attended the premiere official of the film and they remembered how were the days of filming in a paradisiacal Colombian destination.

One of those films that has become a tradition for many Colombian homes at Christmas and New Year’s is The walk. In it, the curious trips of families to take vacations have been reflected that, as happens in real life, end in adventures with anecdotes to tell when they return.

Well, this December comes the sixth installment of this saga that has featured actors and actresses such as John Leguizamo, Carolina Gómez, Antonio Sanint, Aida Morales, Adriana Ricardo, among others. These trips reflected on the big screen have shown places like Melgar, Cartagena, Miami and now, their location is in San Andrés.

Actors of ´El paseo 6´ met for its official premiere

This new installment of the film produced by Dago García and directed by Rodrigo Triana, will have Amparo Grisales, Cecilia Navia, Jhon Alex Toro, El Mindo, Andrés de la Mora and Rafaella Chávez among its cast. Precisely, the diva Amparo Grisales raised the temperature in networks because of a video in which she is seen showing off her great body in the middle of filming on the beaches of San Andrés.

In the story, Amparo will play a sexy grandmother. She. I take advantage of the launch of the film to thank the director, technical team and actors for the healthy coexistence during filming. For his part, Jhon Alex Toro highlighted the «Message of union that is given to national homes»and also “the opportunity to reunite families in a movie theater, with popcorn in hand and the best energy.”

The filming of the film took about a month in San Andrés, but it had to be constantly moved due to the pandemic. Colombians will be able to see the film ride 6 in all movie theaters in the country from December 23.

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