Actors and actresses of Ugly Betty who have already passed away

Two decades have passed since the premiere of the popular series. These are the actors and actresses of Ugly Betty who have already passed away, leaving a memorable legacy.

Participating in a novel or film production is perhaps one of the goals of the hundreds of Colombian actors and actresses. Our country has been characterized by generating valuable content in the world of entertainment, stories full of drama, regionalisms that generate passions and the diversity of talents in the region. make Colombian television a benchmark for the entire continent.

I am Betty the Ugly one, is perhaps the novel that best represents us abroad, Its creator, Fernando Gaitán, managed to make the story of a simple, intelligent, prudent but very capable secretary cross borders and reach more than 24 countries, including Vietnam.

In Colombia, its characters, epic scenes and memes have made the novel remain intact in the memory of viewers, in addition to the RCN channel, which originally broadcast it 20 years ago, has been in charge of keeping it current by retransmitting it in several occasions. On the other hand, Netflix, the entertainment giant in streaming, he also currently has it in his grill.

After participating in the series, the actors and actresses who brought the characters to life continue to shine in the artistic world and in their careers in general. However, there are some who went to the afterlife, leaving an immense legacy and memories for thousands of followers.

Actors and actresses of I am Betty the Ugly one who have already passed away

These are the actors and actresses who made us laugh and move us in the popular series, and today, they are no longer with us:

Lina Marulanda

The model was part of the working group of Hugo Lombardy, participated in his own name in the production. Lina ended her life in 2010.

Alberto Valdiri

He gave life to the husband of one of the members of the barracks of the ugly, Bertha González. He passed away at the age of 55 after a heart attack.

Celmira Luzardo

Remembered for her endearing role as Catalina ÁngelShe was literally an angel who helped Betty transform her life and fight for the love of Don Armando. After facing stomach cancer, she left in 2014.

Fernando Gaitan

The writer and creator of the world of Ecomoda He was not an actor nor was he in front of the cameras, but he deserves a space in this reminder. He died in 2019 after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest.

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