Acid Mantle, what is it for? Your skin will appreciate these tips

Many times you will have asked yourself Acid Mantle, what is it for? Although it has a strange name, it is aluminum acetate, a natural liquid that can bring you many benefits.

In times when pollution, sun rays and the application of products such as makeup (which contains chemicals) can affect the skin, it is best to take all kinds of care to avoid serious problems in the dermis in the future.

If you still wonder, what is the Merey cream for?, or what would be the advantages of using aluminum acetate on your skin, we will tell you everything you should know about this product:

What is aluminum acetate?

First thing’s first. Before using any product on our skin, it is best to know its origin. Chemically, aluminum acetate is obtained as a salt, after mixing aluminum hydroxide and acetic acid. It is a topical lotion that would have the power to recover the skin from conditions such as allergic reactions, burns, irritations and inflammations. It also works as an extra layer that protects the skin and would allow it to prevent bacterial infections or diseases such as acne.

How is Acid Mantle used?

You should know that to use this product on your face or any part of the skin, the first step is to clean the dermis. Then, apply the lotion on the affected area and let it act on the skin. If you use its cream presentation, it is not necessary to remove it with water, while if you use a soap, you should rinse with plenty of water.

What are the benefits of Acid Mantle?

When you apply this cream frequently, it will help maintain the natural pH of the skin. Also, it would moisturize the skin with its emollient properties, restoring the protective capabilities of the dermis.

Acid Mantle soap, what is it for?

It is one of the most common presentations in which this product comes. It contains natural-type components such as chamomile and provitamin B5, substances whose main function is to protect the skin and keep it clean and moisturized. It would have good results to remove impurities, it would help fight blackheads and it would be useful to prevent acne. Its application should be done every night, moistening your face and passing the bar through your skin until it foams. Allow it to act for about 15 minutes and wash your face to finish the process.

Acid Mantle lotion what is it for

Other advantages that its use would bring is to protect the scars from the effect of the sun, which could inflame or infect any wound. Many people use this cream directly on the wound, after applying sunscreen. Taking into account its components, aluminum acetate can destroy bacteria and would be very functional to prevent external agents from entering the body that can cause infections. It is recommended to visit a doctor in case of any contraindication.

What is Acid Mantle cream for on the face?

Many wonder what earth soap is for because they think that its use could benefit the care of the dermis of the face. The application of aluminum acetate directly on the skin of the face could also help combat the signs of aging such as wrinkles, as well as help in many cases to eliminate the spots that appear on the face due to the action of the sun and something very important , is that it would moisturize the dermis. Its application should be done daily in the morning and at night, but it is advisable to visit a dermatologist to guide you in its use and to see if your skin does not present any alternate reaction.

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