According to studies, love makes you fat

They say that love rejuvenates, cheers and relieves both physical and soul pain, but a new study ensures that those who are in love tend to gain extra pounds.

If you are happy with your partner, you can do this exercise: take a before and a current photo. Do you notice any difference? You may have gained weight. This is a confirmed trend and is due to the habits we acquire when we are in love.

One of the investigations carried out by scientists from the University of Queensland, in Australia, found that women gain 10 kilos on average after they make a stable commitment. Men, for their part, add 7.5 kilos on average, under the same circumstances. According to the Nutryup nutritionist, Lidiane Martins, when we are happy in a stable relationship our appetite increases.

«We want to share the pleasure and we go out to eat, to the movies, to parties, without realizing that our weight is increasing.»

With or without commitment?

When we find our better half and we are satisfied on the sentimental front, we are in no hurry to go out again to conquer. At that rate, more than one neglects the appearance. According to computer technician Pablo Balieiro, 25, his last courtship of two and a half years cost him ten kilos. “I felt safe, accepted, without rush. Done, I found someone, now I relax, that’s what I thought”, summarizes Balieiro.

That vision is common among lovebirds, and is one of the reasons for weight gain. On the one hand, it is important not to be obsessed with appearance. According to therapist Vicente Godino, «extreme concern with image often prevents us from relaxing and really enjoying our partner.» In contrast, if you neglect your weight and appearance, your health and self-esteem will be compromised, which will end up damaging this and future relationships.

There is also the “influence factor”: when your partner has a different lifestyle from yours, there is a good chance that you will exchange habits with each other, since you spend a lot of time together after all. The designer Renata Morales, 27, says that she gained five kilos when she went out with a young man who was already obese, and that this influenced the process. “When I realized I was gaining weight from all the yummy things we indulged ourselves with on our outings, I realized I was copying my boyfriend’s unhealthy habits. That ended up affecting our relationship a short time later,” says Morales.

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Banquets to fall in love
Going out to eat at that delicious restaurant, with wine and dessert, or staying at home watching a movie accompanied by salty and sweet treats, are typical situations at the beginning of a romance, but they make you fat just by mentioning them. «We eat more because food is linked to the senses and bonds, two aspects that are stimulated when we are in a relationship,» says nutritionist Lidiane Martins.

The linguist Diego Jiquilin Ramírez lives in Spain and has been dating for five months. He admits that adding the delights of Spanish cuisine to his new relationship has been fatal to the balance. “It is fantastic to do gastronomic tourism next to someone, and when I do not leave the house there is always something delicious in the fridge, such as strawberries with cream, premium chocolates, etc.” His partner, Santiago, does not hesitate to start cooking typical delicacies -and very caloric-, to please him. «And since I’m not one to reject food, I devour everything,» says Diego.

The «gastronomic agendas» usually cost the increase of a couple of sizes in the clothes of lovers. Livia Di Bartolomeo, 23, remembers that her outings with her crush Thiago always ended up revolving around food. “There is nothing new to do and the question arises: are we going to eat? Everything is an excuse; we go to the movies, and on the way out we eat pizza. Let’s go to a restaurant to chat and more food! Today Livia is struggling to lose the five kilos that she gained in the last five years of romance. To achieve this she radically changed her menu, from which she excluded junk food, soft drinks and sweets. A healthy diet that she followed before meeting her current boyfriend.

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couple habits

Changing habits as a couple is not so simple. But if you’re worried about the scale, know that your partner can help. If it is not possible to combine some days of the week to exercise, at least include a little more movement in your outings. A walk in the park is, in addition to healthy, very romantic, as much as a bike ride or a dip in the sea. Exercising as a couple is beneficial, because the interaction helps you to strengthen ties with your love. But do not give up after a few days, as happened to the journalist Monique Tobias;

“I’ve been with my current boyfriend for four years and I’ve already put on ten kilos, but I’ve given up, because I don’t like to exercise. Now I want to try a diet to get back the figure I left behind, ”he promises.

Replacing food tours is also important. At the movies, popcorn, popcorn or popcorn is allowed, but opt ​​for a portion to share with your partner. When you go out to eat, avoid “all you can eat” restaurants, those that allow you to repeat everything you want for the same price. «If the portion is large, share it and avoid extra calories,» suggests nutritionist Lidiane Martins. Skip the bun and appetizers to avoid excess calories. Here are other suggestions from nutrition specialists:

– In a Japanese restaurant, avoid fried dumplings, tempura and preparations that include cream cheese, due to their high caloric level. Go instead for grilled shiitake mushrooms, shimeji, missoshiro soup, sautéed shrimp, grilled chicken, sashimi, tofu, and vegetables.
– For barbecues at home or with friends, avoid the fattier cuts of meat, and include salads, skewers of fish, chicken or vegetables.
– In pizzerias, prefer the healthier options, such as the combination of arugula with dried tomato, broccoli or light mozzarella. Avoid the greasy four-cheese pizzas, pepperoni, salami, and desserts, hands down.
– Leave beers, cocktails and soft drinks for special occasions, and prefer natural juices for everyday life.
– Although love often makes you fat, going on a diet as a couple is also a good stimulus and can enhance the results. However, certain precautions must be taken, because the same diet does not work for both organisms. Seek the advice of a nutritionist who can recommend personalized diets.

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