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Yes, they’re cute, they’re fluffy and they’re expensive! The costs that a dog entails always depend on how much he eats and his general health.

If a dog requires expensive medication, has a tendency to get injured often, or regularly destroys your furniture, the costs can quickly become prohibitive. This is also the case if you take your dog regularly dog school visit or even have to visit.

You asked yourself: «How much does a dog school or a private dog trainer cost?”

We’ll tell you in this article!

Here you can find out which ones Costs in a dog school approach you, what awaits you there and whether there is one Online dog school is a good alternative.

Have fun while reading!

In a nutshell: How much does a dog school cost?

The prices for a dog school are very individual. The average cost of a training hour starts at 10 euros for group training and can go up to 100 euros for individual training. The hourly wage for the puppy school is around 25 euros.

Depending on whether you just want to practice basic obedience with your dog or whether it has serious behavioral problems, the training can last from one hour to several months.

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In the Happyhunde training book, all basic questions about dog training and all important basic commands are explained step by step. By purchasing the e-book, you can save a few hours of training at the dog school.

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What can I expect in a dog school?

Dog training is an important topic.

After all, most dog owners want to be able to take their dog with them wherever they go as easily as possible. Neither a leash raudier nor a bullying other dog hater brings fun and relaxation.

You can already attend a dog school with your little puppy. He not only learns a few here Dog training rulesbut above all many social contacts know and that is very important!

But even if your dog is already fully grown, attending a dog school can still make sense. Depending on which difficulties you have with your dog (or he with you), you can be helped in a dog school or by a private dog trainer.

A professional can help you better understand your dog, manage behavior problems, and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Or maybe you are dog novice and the communication with a dog is totally new territory for you? Then a dog school is definitely the right thing for you!

At a glance: This is what you learn in the dog school

Also, many dog ​​schools offer specialty courses where you can either deepen your knowledge or learn something new. For example, a specialty course could be about this clicker training or that Learning new tricks turn. But also special scared dogs– or anti-hunting training is possible.

Keep an eye out for the dog school election!

How much does a dog school cost?

The costs for a dog school vary greatly. This is not only because of the different prices of the dog schools and trainers, but also because of what you want and what you need!

If you are looking for a dog school, you should ask yourself the following questions:

By answering these questions, you may be able to exclude some dog schools in your area from the outset. If you still have a choice, it will most likely be a question of cost.

Good to know:

The costs for a private dog trainer are often a bit higher than for the hours in a dog school. Here you also have the option of having the trainer come to you, which in turn saves you money and time.

Because the question of the costs for a dog school is not so easy to answer, we have listed your options in the following table:

Dog school prices & costs per hour

training typeSuitable for…Costsgroup trainingSuitable for anyone who has already enjoyed some dog training, young dogs for socialization. From €10.00 / hour.individual trainingIntensive training for deep-seated problems, dogs that do not yet know basic obedience or dogs that show behavioral problems such as aggression. Dog trainer costs
40.00 – 100.00 € / hourpuppy schoolSuitable for all puppies who want and should get a taste of the big wide world of dog training. puppy school costs
from €25.00 / hourOnline dog schoolInexpensive alternative to the dog school, for everyone who would like to start the training at home without waiting times and fixed appointments. From € 40.00 / course

Most dog schools offer 5, 10 or 15 cards. Of course, you can always save a little bit with a package like this. Of course, it also depends on how many training hours you and your dog need.


Are you unsure whether you really want to invest the money? I got a lot of tips, basics and knowledge from the big dog training book appropriated.

The book will certainly not replace a dog school, but I was able to start at a different level and thus save money for a few training hours.

Try it yourself. If in doubt, you can return the book after 60 days.

Is it cheaper if I join a club?

Yes, dog clubs are a cheap alternative to dog training. However, you will not find an identical offer in a dog sports club. Here it is Focus on dog sports such as agility, four-way combat, obstacle course or canicross and not necessarily on the development of basic obedience.

But you can get lucky! So be sure to look around for dog sports clubs in your area. Sometimes there are also courses here to learn or deepen basic obedience.

The costs for a dog sports club are usually lower than in a dog school. However, you must have one club membership begin, which in turn brings with it commitments and volunteer work.

If that’s not a problem for you, you might also discover the right dog sport for you and your woof here!

The trainers in a dog sports club work on a voluntary basis and the training often only takes place on the weekends.

At what age can my dog ​​go to dog school?

Did you just adopt a puppy? Congratulations! As soon as the little one is his second compulsory vaccination received (i.e. around the twelfth / thirteenth week of life), you can go with him to the dog school!

Especially for puppies it is very important to get as many as possible social contacts to have. In this way they learn social behavior towards other dogs and many other valuable life lessons.

But one rule applies before you go to dog school, regardless of whether your adopted protégé is still a baby dog ​​or already a senior:

Give your dog enough time to settle in and settle in!

You don’t need to start training with him in the first week. Listen to your gut feeling, give your dog time and then calmly try out the training of your choice with him.

How long do I have to take my dog ​​to dog school?

There is no timeline as to how long you should attend a dog school with your dog. It’s all up to you!

Depending on what ambitions you have and what goals you set yourself, the duration of the training can vary greatly.

Here’s how it works:

Maybe you register yourself and your dog for the dog school so that he can learn the basics of dog basics, i.e. basic obedience.

And then you realize what kind of working and interested dog you have there and you book a course afterwards.

It may be that you spend your entire life together in the dog school – not because you have to, but because you want to!

How good and how expensive are online dog schools?

One Online dog school is usually one cheaper variant as a real dog school.

Usually you pay a registration fee on the respective portal and can then take part in several online courses (e.g. in the form of a monthly or annual subscription).

When you and the computer are friends, you become one too online training can learn a lot. Especially when it comes to basic obedience and everyday training, an online dog school is a great address!

Which one you choose depends on your personal preferences and the respective offer. It should feel good and consistent to you.

Don’t feel like going online? But rather old-fashioned a book? The best puppies & dog training books can be found in my article here.

Where can I find good dog schools?

It’s always nicest when someone recommends a good address. This immediately creates trust and fuels the courage to actually report there. But unfortunately, it’s not always the case that you know someone who knows someone who…

The easiest way to find a suitable dog school for you and your four-legged friend is to look on the Internetwhat your region has to offer. It’s also worth checking out in a few Dog Forums to browse and share their experiences with others.

Just compare those Prices of the dog schools in your area and decide on the offer that you like best in terms of content and dates (when do the courses take place?).

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The Costs for a dog school vary greatly and are not easy to list. The costs for the dog school depend on the following factors:

  • Pricing of the dog schools in your region
  • Would you like individual or group training?
  • Puppy lesson or do you come with an adult dog?
  • Do you only book a single hour or several hours (ticket for 5, 10, 15)?
  • What difficulties are you and your dog having? Perhaps a trainer with specific expertise is required (e.g. specialized in scared dogs or aggressive behavior)?
  • What are your aspirations/goals?

Depending on what you expect from living with your dog and thus from him, a few hours in a dog school can be enough to achieve your goals.

If you have a particularly stubborn dog or one that just really likes what you do at the dog school, it could also be that you spend your whole life there.

Dog school can be a lot of fun for everyone involved!

Maybe you sign up for a course first and then discover your passion for obedience, agility or learning new tricks – who knows!

So don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or write an email and ask for help, because asking doesn’t cost anything here either (for the time being).

Perhaps you would like to learn more about the behavior of our dogs? Then throw one…