A photo from space portends the end of the world!

The hurricane that also passed near our country causing havoc, has filled the community in general with fear due to a photo in which the skull of a skull is clearly seen.

The huge storm, now heading towards Florida (USA) impacted on Haiti, Dominican Republic and Cuba with at least 9 fatalities, numerous material damages and floods.

But not only are the consequences of Matthew terrifying, but also some of the satellite images of the hurricane provided by the US Space Agency. (NASA).

One of those images that has caught the attention of the public is one that shows the passage of matthew passes through Haiti, in which some see the shape of a skull.

The photograph, which went viral on social networks and was described as “terrifying”shows the storm in colors that highlight the eye of the hurricane and clouds that look like the teeth of a skull.

In Twitter several users compared Matthew to the Marvel cartoon character «The Phantom Avenger» (Ghost Rider).

Except that Matthew, unfortunately, is not a fictional character at all and right now he has southeast of USA

Taken from BBC