9 Incredibly Calm Dog Breeds With No Hunting Instinct (+ Pics)

If you don’t want to get a “bouncy ball” type dog and would like to go for a walk without worrying, a calm dog breed with no hunting instinct is suitable.

Admittedly, the prey instinct slumbers somewhere in every dog. For some, however, this is almost like a slumber.

You can find out here which fur noses have this characteristic and a calm nature. By the way, there is also a big surprise, literally.

All 9 quiet dog breeds at a glance

Big or small, sporty or lazy – the origin of our dogs lies with the wolf. Therefore, any dog ​​can have a hunting instinct. In these quiet breeds, however, it is usually not very pronounced.

1. Bichon Frize

A particularly affectionate little dog that does not hunt is the Bichon Frize. With its white, curly fur, it is reminiscent of a small cloud.

The companion dog measures a maximum of 28 cm and weighs 3 to 6 kilos.

Due to its calm nature and good character, the small fur nose is just as suitable as a family dog ​​as it is for single people. In addition, it is easy to hold.

Despite their even-tempered disposition, the Bichon Frize loves to play. Although he is unsuitable as a jogging partner, he is enthusiastic about going for walks.

2. French Bulldog

She is small, quiet and reminds me a little of a bat with her ears sticking out. The French bulldog has now become one of the most popular dogs.

With a size of up to 35 cm, the small dog can weigh between 7 and 14 kilos. His shiny short coat can be bred in any colour, including brindle and piebald.

The short nose is characteristic of their appearance. However, this makes it difficult for the «Bully» to breathe, which is why it is not a dog breed for sporting activities.

The French bulldog is easy to care for, sheds very little and is one of the dog breeds without a hunting instinct.

But this little four-legged friend prefers to cuddle.

3. Pug

Its round head, short snout and protruding eyes are characteristic of the Pug.

He is a sociable dog, but without good training he can become quite headstrong. Nevertheless, he is very social, even-tempered and affectionate.

The pug adapts well to the lifestyle of its owners, but is not suitable for sports activities. He often has breathing problems because of his short nose. He also brings no guard or hunting instinct.

The ideal dimensions are 25 to 30 cm and a maximum of 9 kilos. However, the small four-legged friend tends to be overweight.


Even if quiet dogs demand little, they still need enough attention and activity.

4. Eurasian

The Eurasier likes to be encouraged to play by his caregivers, but otherwise has a rather calm, level-headed disposition.

Nothing really bothers him. This also makes him a good family dog.

He tends to be reserved and non-aggressive towards strangers. The hunting instinct is also foreign to the Eurasier.


The dogs mentioned are among the dog breeds with a low hunting instinct. However, since every dog ​​is an individual, exceptions are always possible. Training also plays a role in dog behavior.

5. Medium Schnauzer

Although the Schnauzer was originally used to catch rodents, it hasn’t survived much. But the protective instinct in this guard dog is all the greater.

The Schnauzer is more of a rustic type. Its fur is rough and wiry. The bushy eyebrows and the mustache are further distinguishing features of this breed.

Schnauzers love their caregivers and would love to follow them wherever they go. The social four-legged friend likes to be integrated into the family and gets along well with children.

With enough exercise, he is not prone to chasing or running away. Although this breed is also ideal for dog sports, it does not tend to be hyperactive and is quite balanced internally.

Schnauzers come in miniature, medium, and giant Schnauzers. With a balanced character, he is a suitable family and companion dog of all sizes.

6. Bernese Mountain Dog

Dark, cuddly fur, with brown stitches and a white chest, a gentle look and leisurely movements – the Bernese Mountain Dog exudes a lot of calm by itself.

Anyone who wants a rather cozy, large dog will not be disappointed. With his loving nature, he is ideal as a family dog.

Because they are not inclined to hunt or poach and have a friendly and even-tempered personality, the Bernese Mountain Dog was and is a popular farm dog.

He is not really enthusiastic about dog sports, but is happy about sufficient exercise and exercise.

7. Bullmastiff

You may not believe it at first glance, but when it comes to peace and comfort, the Bullmastiff is in the top league.

As a guard dog, he shows no interest in hunting.

His short, smooth coat reveals his muscular build. Its head is massive with slight wrinkles and hanging lips.

He has an average urge to move and adapts well to his caregiver.

Although he is very people-related, he is very difficult to subordinate himself to. Therefore, its owners should be dog-experienced, strong and consistent individuals who train lovingly.

Since the Bullmastiff is classified as a dangerous dog in many countries, keeping it there is restricted or not possible.

8. Great Dane

Although this large breed has its origins in hunting, today the hunting instinct is no longer present in the Great Dane.

With a size of up to 86 cm, they can sometimes weigh 90 kilos. Despite their imposing appearance, they are gentle and friendly.

These quiet giants are also more relaxed in all situations. Due to their balanced nature, Great Danes are ideal as therapy dogs.

The Great Dane is bred in the colors yellow, black, blue, brindle and piebald. She has floppy ears by nature. However, this breed is often seen with cropped ears and tails.

This «beauty trend» is forbidden in Germany, but is still practiced elsewhere.


Sufficient exercise is important for all dogs so that the muscles are strengthened and tendons and ligaments remain trained.

9. Newfoundland

Cuddly and cozy are two characteristics that apply to the Newfoundland. The long-haired dog breed can reach a size of up to 71 cm and weigh an impressive 68 kilos.

The fur nose usually takes everything very calmly, but shows a great protective instinct. When it comes to the safety of his own «family», he can switch from being comfortable to rescue mode in a flash.

The «Neufi» is ideal for a rescue dog. He is also an avid swimmer who shows no interest in hunting or roaming about.