9 divine examples of outfits with gray pants; to copy you now!

If you say «I don’t have what to wear» when you only have one garment left in your closet that you don’t know how to combine, here we show you how to wear several outfits with gray pants!

The pants of this color, so flat and similar to the fur of mice, have a reputation for being boring and almost “incombinable”. Nothing further from reality, just you must arm yourself with imagination and good taste.

Copy each outfit with gray pants

Office worker

Combine it with beige heels, a dark gray jacket and a scarf that matches the shoes.

An outfit with gray pants will be perfect for a Friday

Put on a long coat in a similar tone to the pants, a black jacket, a black bag, and a very sporty pair of tennis shoes!


With a light blue bag and another pair of sneakers, they are cute.


Continue with the sneakers, but wear a good 80s black leather jacket on top and a grunge jacket underneath.


Mix gray with pink and you will see how cute you will look. A blouse with black polka dots on white will give it a chic touch.


Put on a classic gray suit and give it a touch of rapture with red stilettos and a T-shirt.


With a good navy blue blazer and black bodysuit, you’re a knockout!

very professional

To spice up an outfit that’s all the same gray, wear a red belt and statement jewelry over your clothes.

The last outfit with gray pants is very casual

Who said you couldn’t wear slacks with formal wear? Even with heels, as in the picture.

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With information from: Fashion Trend Walk